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Our Leadership Team

Jae Wan Park, Founder and CEO 

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Davis

Jae Wan has conducted nine years of research on renewable energy systems in coordination with PG&E, the California Solar Initiative (CSI), the CEC, and the US Navy. He oversees all research activities in the Green Technology Lab and is focused on improving the efficiency and safety of second-life batteries through advanced BMS design. Dr. Park has authored over 70 academic publications on batteries and fuel cells, including 2 book chapters.

Joseph Lacap, CTO

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering, UC Davis


Joseph has spent three years working in the Green Technology Lab on second-life energy storage design, fabrication, controls, and simulation. Specifically, he led a large team of graduate and undergraduate students to assemble the lab’s 250 kWh prototype and prepare it for deployment at the Robert Mondavi Institute demonstration site in Davis. He also led development of the machine learning algorithms used to estimate battery health and the team’s battery dispatch algorithms, which are now used by developers of the Sustainable City in Dubai to evaluate potential battery storage investments. His dissertation focuses on battery degradation caused by non-uniform temperatures within lithium-ion packs.

Ryan Barr, COO

PhD Student, Energy Systems, UC Davis


After graduating with highest honors and a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ryan worked as a management consultant for electric utilities on behalf of KPMG. During his graduate studies in Energy Systems at UC Davis, he interned at the California ISO, where he supported the design and implementation of new energy storage policy and summarized energy storage participation models for external stakeholders.

J. H. Park, Co-Founder and Advisor

Founder and CEO of PM Grow

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