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Solar panels and battery storage

We make lithium ion batteries a sustainable solution.


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Department of Energy awards $6M grant to RePurpose Energy

U.S. Department of Energy

Many electric vehicle (EV) batteries can be reused before recycling. RePurpose Energy is focused on reusing EV batteries to create reliable, low-cost “second-life” energy storage systems. In doing so, we maximize the value of these batteries, strengthen the resilience and sustainability of battery supply chains, and support the global transition to renewable energy.

A circular economy for electric vehicle batteries.

Our process

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Proprietary technology


Supply chain partnerships

Reliable product

Battery storage at RePurpose Energy

Our technology

Rapid Battery Testing

using machine learning

Reassembly Optimization

to cut costs and maximize lifetime

State-of-the-Art Controls

to monitor and maintain battery health

Our second-life battery product

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Up to 1.2 MWh deliverable capacity per 20’ container

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Large commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications

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Pilot deployment and UL listing in progress

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Product launch in 2023

RePurpose Energy's Battery Storage Product
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We're ready to turn your battery waste into value.

Past deployment

Since 2019, our 60-kW / 275-kWh demonstration composed of Nissan LEAF battery modules has been operational alongside rooftop solar PV at the Robert Mondavi Institute in Davis, CA.

Battery Fire Prevention
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Battery Fire Prevention

We designed and demonstrated a patent-pending, non-destructive battery fire prevention system suitable for use in both energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

Certification in Process
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Certification in Process

With support from CalSEED, we are engaging with a nationally recognized testing laboratory to gain groundbreaking certifications for our repurposing process and second-life battery product.

Testing Technology Breakthrough
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Testing Technology Breakthrough

Thanks to an award from the National Science Foundation, we developed artificial intelligence to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively measure used battery health.

Microgrid in Development
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Microgrid in Development

With $3 million in grant funding from the California Energy Commission, we are designing and building a solar PV + second-life battery microgrid.

Solar energy

Learn more about what RePurpose Energy can do for you

Our partners

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Rooted in research and technology

RePurpose Energy was formed  to commercialize nearly a decade of university research. Since our founding in 2018, we've grown to be a global technology leader in battery reuse.

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Robert Mondavi Institute
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