Battery Pack (RE)assembly

Our energy storage systems increase the value of solar PV arrays. We offer pre-built systems with set specifications as well as custom battery packs for almost any application. Our modular energy storage system design allows for a wide range of capacities and powers.

The (RE)assembly

•Made from 6 Nissan Leaf battery modules

Capacity: 2kWh

Voltage (DC)

Min: 29V.  Average: 45V. Max: 50V


Max: 2kW or 60A DC


25kg (55 lbs.)

Integrated Battery Management System

Integrated PMGrow slave board

•Provides cell balancing and monitoring

•CANbus data reporting



• For Commercial & Industrial Buildings 

•Modular design allows for custom sizing

•Each additional unit increases system capacity

  • Power:

    • 2kW-72kW

    • Subject to inverter and grid limitations

  • Energy:

    • 30 kWh per assembly

    • Up to 36 assemblies may be paired

  • Weight:

    • 375 kg​ (825 lbs) per assembly